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Call Us: (563) 583-2115

  • Tax Credit Group, Inc. provides tax credit processing services that improve your company’s bottom line.

    Tax Credit Group, Inc. recovers generous federal and state incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Our experts manage each client’s portfolio in order to capitalize on these tax savings. Tax Credit Group, Inc. processes millions of tax credits for companies every year. With over 25 years of combined experience, our experts simplify the tax credit process from start to finish. Our tax credit experts serve businesses in all fifty states.

  • Work Opportunity
    Tax Credit (WOTC)
    Up to $9,600

    The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program, or WOTC, gives employers a federal income tax credit for employing personnel from specific groups.
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  • Federal Empowerment Zone Employment Credit - Tax Credit Group

    Federal Empowerment
    Zone Employment Credit
    Up to $3,000

    The Empowerment Zone Wage Credit can offer savings for all eligible employees who live and work in one of the thirty zones designated by the US Congress.
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  • Indian Employment Credit - Tax Credit Group

    Employment Credit
    Up to $4,000

    The Indian Employment Credit (IEC) may be applicable if the employee performs substantially all services within an Indian reservation.
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  • State Tax Credits

    Tax Credits
    Credit Amount Varies By State

    Every state offers some form of tax incentive to encourage businesses to invest in certain areas or to hire employees from targeted groups. Credit vary by state and credit applied.
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