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Call Us: (563) 583-2115

January 2015

WOTC Update for 2014 Taxes


As most of you are probably already aware, the WOTC program was in hiatus from January until mid-December 2014. Therefore, the WOTC certifications are backlogged and many states are anticipating delays past April 15th. Some areas could see backlogs as late as August.

Given the circumstances, most of you will have a couple options to make the most of your pending certifications.

  1. File your taxes on time and claim a portion of the credits.
  2. Consider filing an extension in order to claim all of your 2014 certificates as a tax credit on 2014 taxes.

We would be happy to answer any questions to help you and your accountant make an informed decision. As always, you may reach us via email or by calling 563-583-2115.

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