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  • WOTC By The Numbers

    Here’s a brief look at the WOTC certifications to date for 2020. Over 1.6 million certifications were issued for 2020. 1.1 million certifications were issued for SNAP recipients. This accounts for just over 68% of all certified groups. The smallest target groups were the summer youth recipients, which none were certified and the disabled veterans […] Read more

  • Earn Credit for Hiring Unemployment Recipient

    There’s no doubt that COVID has dealt the nation’s economy a tough blow. Case in point are the sheer number of jobless claims made nationwide since the pandemic began. Just five months ago, unemployment sat around three to four percent.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in June, states’ unemployment numbers averaged more […] Read more

  • How to Observe Memorial Day with Veterans

    On the last Monday of May, Americans observe Memorial Day. But the purpose of Memorial Day is often lost on a large part of the American public. According to a 2019 survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the University of Phoenix, only 55 percent of Americans know the true meaning of Memorial Day. What […] Read more

  • False Claims Act – How it Could Affect Your PPP Claim

    When the CARES Act was announced, it ignited a glimmer of hope within the small business community. Many companies were either closed or saw their revenue drop drastically as a result of the novel coronavirus. But hope quickly disappeared as major corporations found a way to access the money that was meant for America’s small […] Read more

  • Why It is Better to Hire a Tax Credit Specialist than Do It Yourself

    When we talk to potential clients, sometimes they ask us why a tax credit specialist is something they need. It is a great question. After all, they are usually already paying for a CPA and this is just an added financial expense. What we tell them is that a tax credit specialist is something completely […] Read more

  • Tax Deadline Extension FAQ’s

    As I am sure you know by now, the 2019 tax deadline has been extended to July 15, 2020. We here at Tax Credit Group get a lot of questions about what that means for our clients and their taxes. So now seems like a great time to pull some of those answers together and […] Read more

  • Alternatives to Employee Layoffs

    Businesses around the world are hurting right now and many business owners are struggling with the dilemma of whether to layoff employees now or try to ride things out with the hope that they’ll get better. It’s an unenviable decision. For most employers, these people are like a second family and it’s not easy to […] Read more

  • The Employee Retention Credit in the CARES Act

    With shutdowns across the country, America has entered unchartered waters, and everyone is trying to figure out what it means for them. Lawmakers are doing what they can to help, but what ends up coming out of Washington, DC are massive pieces of legislation that cover millions of people but are difficult to understand. The […] Read more

  • Why the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Could be the Relief Your Business Needs

    While most businesses across the country have come to a grinding halt as “stay at home” orders are put into place, there are some essential businesses that are desperate for employees. Grocery stores, delivery businesses and the like are searching for employees and can’t seem to find enough to fill the need. If you’re one […] Read more

  • Resources to Look at During COVID-19

    About a week ago, President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The bipartisan legislation was designed to make sure that households don’t fall apart in these uncertain times. If you want full details on what the Act means to small and medium-sized businesses, you can see our post from last week. The government’s […] Read more

  • Possible Relief for Employees of Small Businesses Impacted by the Novel Coronavirus

    Note: This article was written on Thursday, March 19, 2020, less than 24 hours after President Trump signed the bill into law. It covers what’s happening on Capitol Hill at this time, but does by no means represent what could happen in the future. This is a fluid situation. Information is constantly changing. Because this […] Read more

  • Preparing Your Business for the Coronavirus

    You’re probably sick of hearing about it now. The coronavirus is on the front page of every newspaper around the world and the top story on every website. It’s something that’s affecting both large and small businesses and many local health agencies are struggling to make sure the messages are clear. Whether you’re in an […] Read more

  • Work Place Advice: What You Should and Should Not Say to Military Veterans

    In any workplace environment, it’s important there must be a camaraderie built between the people who work together. They don’t need to go out after work and grab beers together, but they should at least feel comfortable talking to one another and working together. If you’ve never worked closely with or personally met a military […] Read more

  • Changes Making it Easier for Veterans to Pursue Degrees in STEM Fields

    For years now, military veterans studying under the GI Bill have studiously avoided degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) because there’s simply not enough money to make it happen. The Post-9/11 GI Bill covers 36 months of tuition, but education to earn a degree in a STEM field typically takes longer than that, […] Read more

  • 5 Ways Volunteering Can Help Ex-Felons Get a Job

    When it comes to getting a job, it can be tough for ex-felons. Even though they’ve served their time, their records can follow them into the job market. Unless an employer is willing to take a chance on them, they can be unemployable. But there may be a way to increase their odds of getting […] Read more

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