Call Us: (563) 583-2115
Call Us: (563) 583-2115
State Tax Credits

State Tax Credits

Every state offers some form of state tax credits to encourage businesses to invest in certain areas or to hire employees from targeted groups. Tax Credit Group, Inc. can help to identify the tax incentives available for our clients in their region because determining the eligibility of those credits can be a time consuming, perplexing and laborious task. Our mission is to assist clients in receiving their maximum tax credit.

We can pinpoint opportunities available to all of your company’s locations and collaborate with your staff to implement programs to recoup these incentives.

Some of the state tax credits we can recover are:

  • Enterprise Zone Credits
  • WOTC Piggy-Back Credits
  • State Job Creation and Hiring Credits
  • Manufacturing Credits
  • R&D Credits

There may be more than one Enterprise Zone located in a state and there may be one Zone with multiple regions. To see if your business is located in an Enterprise Zone and which benefits are available, call us today at (563) 583-2115 or email us.

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