Call Us: (563) 583-2115
Call Us: (563) 583-2115


  • “When the WOTC program was presented to me, I thought it sounded too easy and frankly “too good to be true”. I was fairly confident that I wouldn’t have enough “qualifying employees” to make it worth my time! I’ve been wrong before, but this time I was way off! There are so many possible qualifying events that I was amazed at the tax credits I received after the first year. Spangles has averaged approximately $104,000 in tax credits every year since inception of the program. I can honestly say it was very worth my while to have my employees complete the tax credit screening form. Having it automated and paperless makes it that much easier!

    Dave Dooman, Chief Financial Officer
    Spangles, Inc.  |  Wichita, Kansas

    “I partnered with them for Tax Credit Processing and have been very pleased with their service in the following areas:

    • Automation of entire Process.
    • Knowledge of the overall tax credit business
    • Tracking of employee forms
    • Notification of missing forms or inaccurate data
    • Continual reminders throughout the year regarding updates and form completions
    • Prompt notification of tax credits
    • Customer service in general

    I would highly recommend the services of Tax Credit Group, Inc..”

    Rodney Brent, Human Resources Director
    Kwik Chek Food Stores, Inc.  |  Bonham, Texas

  • “The Work Opportunity Tax Credit program is so easy to implement once it’s started, it just becomes a part of the hiring process. Tax Credit Group, Inc. does most the work for us.  We simply have our new hires log into TCG’s automated tax credit screening application click submit then they take over the rest. They go through the forms and work with the states to make certain we get our maximum tax credit. There is no charge for tax credits unless they procure the tax credit for us.”

    Lonny Weiner, Vice President
    Kauffman Enterprises, L.L.C. dba McDonalds
    Huntington Station, New York

    “We are extremely pleased with their services. They have successfully obtained the maximum tax credit for us year after year and TCG researches and processes other employer tax credits besides WOTC”

    Robert Beller, CPA
    Quality Staffing Specialists
    Cary, North Carolina

    “Their fees are reasonable and they have been very professional and efficient in answering any questions we have had. The WOTC program has been around since 1996 and had we known how easy Tax Credit Group, Inc., makes the program we would have started  years ago and would have saved thousands of dollars on our federal income taxes.”

    Marci Rinkleib, Human Resources Supervisor
    Fx4 DBA Arby’s  |  Scottsdale, Arizona

“Using Tax Credit Group, Inc. to process the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program has saved us thousands on our federal income taxes due to the fact that Tax Credit Group, Inc. does their utmost to maximize our tax credits. Their services are excellent as they are always available to answer any questions and they don’t charge us a penny unless they obtain credits. We are very pleased with their services!”

Keith Jacob, President
St. Louis Staffing  |  St. Louis, Missouri

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