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Top 5 Job Categories for Veterans

Once their years of service are over, many veterans are still young enough to enter the workforce, and start a second career. But figuring out what that second career is can be tough.

Here are five jobs categories that have plenty of opportunities for veterans

Operations Manager

According to the site GI Jobs, Military Friendly Employers are looking for managers all over the country. Job titles that fall into this category include Business Manager, Facilities Manager, General Manager, Plant Superintendent, Production Manager, and Store Manager.

Operations Managers tend to coordinate between departments to make sure production goes smoothly.

Average Pay, Industry Growth & Education Requirements for an Operations Manager

GI Jobs says the median annual salary for an Operations Manager is $100,410.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth of 5 to 9 percent through 2026.

You’ll likely need a college degree for this job, but you may also qualify if you have equivalent operational and leadership experience in the military.

Customer Service Representative

GI Jobs ranks Customer Service Representative as the second hottest job for veterans.

Customer Service Representatives answer phones, reply to calls and emails or respond to customers online.

Common customer service job titles include Sales Facilitator, Account Representative, Member Services Representative, and Customer Care Representative.

Average Pay, Industry Growth & Education Requirements for a Customer Service Representative

Truthfully, the pay for a Customer Service Representative isn’t great. The median pay is $32,890 annually.

But the industry is hot. The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes there will be a 5 percent job growth through 2026. And skilled Customer Service Representatives tend to move up the ladder quickly.

Plus, the average education requirement for a Customer Service Representative is a high school diploma, something you already had when you enlisted in the military.

Computer Information Systems Manager

GI Jobs says Computer Information Systems Managers help manage a company’s computer systems. When you’re looking for a job in this field, look for job titles like Information Technology (IT) Manager, Technical Services Manager, Information Systems Director, IT Director, and Chief Technology Officer.

Average Pay, Industry Growth & Education Requirements for a Computer Information Systems Manager

According to the job search engine Monster, the average IT Program Manager earns $96,300 annually.

The industry is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics thinks the IT field will grow by 10 to 14 percent through 2026, that’s more than most fields.

Most IT managers will need a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science and experience.

However, there are ways to get your degree online before you even leave the military. Clearance Jobs has a list of great colleges that offer online degrees in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields including San Francisco State University, University of New Haven, and Florida International University.


This one falls into the finance field, so you’ll want to be strong in math or at least love it. Accountants and auditors track the money and analyze the financial records of organizations.

Job titles include Accountant, Auditor, Business Analyst, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Financial Analyst, and Budget Analyst.

Average Pay, Industry Growth & Education Requirements for an Accountant/Auditor

GI Jobs says the median annual salary of an Accountant/Auditor is $69,350 and it’s a growing industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10 percent job growth in the industry through 2026.

You do need a four-year college degree to take on a job like this. If you’re looking to become a CPA, there’s more work required because there are certification requirements that vary from state to state.

The good news is, once you get your degree many accounting firms will allow you to work full-time while you work toward your CPA and help train you along the way.

Computer Systems Analyst

This one is similar to the Computer Information Systems Manager in that it works with a company’s IT systems. A Computer Information Systems Manager is constantly looking for ways to improve the computer systems within an organization and make things run more efficiently.

Job titles in this field include Computer Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Applications Analyst, Systems Engineer, Information Systems Analyst, and Computer Systems Consultant.

Average Pay, Industry Growth & Education Requirements for a Computer Systems Analyst

GI Jobs claims the median annual salary for a Computer Systems Analyst is $88,270.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes the industry will grow by 9 percent through 2026.

To get a job as a Computer Systems Analyst you’ll need a four-year degree in computer or information science. Some skills that you acquired while in the military may translate over to a job in this field and may count in place of some of the prerequisites in college so be sure to ask.

Companies Hiring Veterans

Several companies make it a point to hire veterans.

According to Glassdoor, Walgreens, Booz Allen Hamilton, Power Home Remodeling, The Home Depot, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are all known for hiring veterans.

The site Military Benefits says American Corporate Partners teams up with major corporations to hire veterans. Among its affiliates, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, and UPS.

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