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Call Us: (563) 583-2115

Tax Credit Analysis

TCG offers CPA’s, accounting firms  and other businesses tax credit analysis reporting.  The tax credit analysis is a detailed review of the state and federal employer related tax credits available to your company. TCG will decipher and research by utilizing a proprietary national database of mapped incentives, tax credits and refunds.  A typical report of this nature would take 80 hours or more of research and thousands of dollars in consulting fee’s.

TCG offers the below analysis at a cost of $199.00

The Tax Credit Analysis includes:

  • Research of federal tax credits available to your company. Amounts vary from $500.00 to $9,600.00 per qualified employee.
  • Research of state tax credits specific to your company. Amounts vary from $100.00 to $20,000.00 per qualified employee.
  • Research of Census data specific to qualification of tax credits such as unemployment rate, % of welfare recipients, % of Veterans and more.
  • Provides official sources to verify the state and federal tax credits.
  • Provides estimated annual savings in tax credits your company could receive based upon your company data and number of W2’s.
  • 30 minute Complimentary LIVE Q&A session with a TCG Tax Credit Consultant.
  • Demonstration of TCG’s  proprietary web application showing how we can:  1. Automate & simplify tax credit process 2. Eliminate 100% of paperwork 3. Minimize time or effort needed from your company. 4. Increase cash flow and reduce Federal & State income tax liability.

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