Call Us: (866) 484-9529
Call Us: (866) 484-9529

Tax Credit Analysis

TCG offers CPA’s, accounting firms  and other businesses tax credit analysis reporting.  The tax credit analysis is a detailed review of the state and federal employer related tax credits available to your company. TCG will decipher and research by utilizing a proprietary national database of mapped incentives, tax credits and refunds.  A typical report of this nature would take 80 hours or more of research and thousands of dollars in consulting fee’s.

TCG offers the below analysis at a cost of $479.00

The Tax Credit Analysis includes:

  • Research of federal tax credits available to your company. Amounts vary from $500.00 to $9,600.00 per qualified employee.
  • Research of state tax credits specific to your company. Amounts vary from $100.00 to $20,000.00 per qualified employee.
  • Research of Census data specific to qualification of tax credits such as unemployment rate, % of welfare recipients, % of Veterans and more.
  • Provides official sources to verify the state and federal tax credits.
  • Provides estimated annual savings in tax credits your company could receive based upon your company data and number of W2’s.
  • 30 minute Complimentary LIVE Q&A session with a TCG Tax Credit Consultant.
  • Demonstration of TCG’s  proprietary web application showing how we can:  1. Automate & simplify tax credit process 2. Eliminate 100% of paperwork 3. Minimize time or effort needed from your company. 4. Increase cash flow and reduce Federal & State income tax liability.

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For a limited time basis TCG is offering a FREE Tax Credit Analysis Report to Qualified Employers*

Please complete form here to see if your company is eligible.

*Free Tax Credit Analysis offer is for Qualified Employers only. CPA Firms, accounting firms, payroll firms, or any third party that offers as it’s core business tax, payroll, HR services does not qualify for this offer.
*Qualified Employer is an employer that processes a minimum of 100 W2’s annually.
* Employer must complete contact form for TCG to determine eligibility.



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