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May 2016

Don’t Avoid Hiring Persons with Disabilities

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Companies often miss hiring amazing employees because of unfounded fears associated with hiring persons with disabilities. Many major corporations have found tremendous success and benefits by hiring from a talent pool that most shy away from. Here we’d like to help ease your fears by proving that most of them are truly myths.

Hiring persons with disabilities is a rewarding experience Businesses shy away from opportunities, fearing commonly held misconceptions. Some of these fears are unfounded and you may be surprised to know that hiring from this population really isn’t as risky as commonly believed.

Fear: lackluster performance compared to other workers.

Fact: Researchers have actually found similar work standards performed among employees, regardless of their abilities. As a matter of fact, companies, such as Walgreen’s, have actually seen better safety records and the same, if not better, production results from persons with disabilities compared to non disabled employees. Other businesses, such as car wash owners, have reported that they actively recruited persons with autism thanks to their meticulous attention to detail and precision when cleaning vehicles. Restaurant franchises, such as Applebee’s and Five Guys Burgers and Fries, have successfully employed persons with disabilities to greet customers, or to oversee the small, yet invaluable details, like cleaning the dining rooms, maintaining supply stocks, and rolling silverware.

Convenience store managers report that workers with disabilities have actually improved productivity among teams. Their work attitudes have boosted morale and their loyalty to cleaning, stocking shelves and maintaining a neat store appearance helps co-workers focus on other duties essential to the workplace.

Fear: Poor attendance and increased turnover

Fact: Walgreen’s experience proves this belief couldn’t be farther from the truth. A study of its distribution centers by the American Society of Safety Engineers found that workers with disabilities had a 48% lower turnover rate than their non-disabled coworkers, 67% lower medical costs and 73% lower costs due to absenteeism. Many employees with disabilities, similarly, look forward to coming to work and exceeding expectations. In turn, business managers have noted higher retention rates among persons with disabilities as well. Managers have reported improved employee morale among staff contributing to overall employee engagement and increased job satisfaction.

Fear: Increased exposure to litigation and liability.

Fact: Although some industries include elevated risks, such as food service, companies like Starbucks, have mitigated workplace hazards by working with local agencies to build low risk tasks tailored to employees’ talents. Statistics show that legal action concerning employers and disabled employees is quite sparse. From 2011-2015, only 200 lawsuits were filed by the EEOC involving persons with disabilities. That averages fifty lawsuits a year, nationwide, or one lawsuit per state annually.

Fear: High supervision demand and increase coworkers’ responsibilities.

Fact: Many local work rehabilitation services offer job coaches for persons in need at no cost to the individual’s employer. The agency support staff train persons in need, thus freeing co-workers to tend to their own responsibilities maintaining a high level of productivity.

Not only are these fears untrue, but employers that have hired persons with disabilities have experienced improved morale and productivity. There are plenty of other benefits to be had, not the least of which is qualifying the employer for lucrative tax credits. The Federal government pays millions of dollars in tax credits each year for businesses who hire specific employees under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Program.

Tax Credit Group Group administers the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), a federal program rewarding businesses who hire persons with disabilities. To learn how to save tax liability for your business, contact us Here or call 563-583-2115.

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